Being grateful in 2020

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Today, Americans all over the world will celebrate Thanksgiving. It’s a time for spending time with loved ones; gathering family and friends around the table to share a special meal; and attending church services and parades.

However, this year – as with other cultural, religious and secular occasions held throughout 2020 – festivities will be muted. Whether out of choice or determined by state-wide restrictions, many families and friends will spend the day apart.

Yet some see this an opportunity for reflection; a reminder of what the day is all about: for being grateful for loved ones and for what we have. Many Americans are seeking to come together in safe ways – either virtually – by sharing meals on Zoom, or celebrating outside by transforming gardens and garages into havens of conviviality.

We, at Empathy Action, were inspired, in part, by Thanksgiving for our Christmas Campaign. So today, we thought we’d invite you to a more intimate ‘behind the scenes’ gathering with our team as they share what they are grateful for this year.

Sometimes the enormity of global challenges (COVID-19; poverty; the refugee crisis, climate change, etc) is overwhelming, and it makes us question whether our individual acts of kindness can have any impact.

Yet each of us has been touched by the compassion of others over the last several months – small actions that have made a world of difference. These people – friends or strangers – may not realise how much their kind gestures have supported and encouraged us at times when we needed it most.

Take a look at our ethical gifts – perhaps you can think of that special someone. This is the perfect time of year to tell them exactly how amazing they are. We can send them any gift you choose with your message, beautifully handwritten on a postcard. 

Plus, you would be offering a hand of support to its maker – each of whom has his or her own story.

From all of us at Empathy Action, a very Happy Thanksgiving

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Author: Becky Matthewson